Short of staff?

EV-RENTAL offers special events staffing for you! We help different businesses, huge and tiny, as well as private events to bridge gaps in service, allowing you to host different scales of events without onboarding special events staff that are not normally needed on a day-to-day basic.

Just like we provide food and beverage service staff for all kinds of special events.

It is so important to have professional staff on you side and so you can relax and enjoy your event!

Here are some ideas for you!

1.Our services include waiters, bar tenders, chefs, security guards, logistics, cashiers and cleaners, etc...

2.Our basic pricing for one staff is $160 per hour and must be employed for a minimum of 4 hours.

3.Staff will wear casual wear for casual events and all black shirts,trousers and shoes for formal events.

4.Taxi fare will be charged for late night events.


Remember! EV-RENTAL walks along with you and gives you hassle-free journey in your lovely event. 

For more information, Please contact our Project Team!

Email: info@ev-rental.com.hk

Tel:2395 4818